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Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy In Fremont,CA

Learn Traditional Martial Arts from Masters, For Adults, Students and Children – benefits include:

• Great Workouts: Learn Self-Defense and Gain Courage
• Increase Physical conditioning, and Weight Control
• Increase Self-Confidence, Patience, and Mental Awareness
• Learn to meditate, Increase focus, and become calmer
• Gain Inner Strength and Inner Peace

Jung SuWon includes spiritual principles and practices that can lay the foundation of your inner power and physical strength, and that can develop your whole being. Thus, its mental and spiritual aspects are not separate from its physical form, and never could be.

This martial art is essentially the art of living life itself. This is the true “way” of the martial arts warrior– not just overcoming in combat, but a complete overcoming in every aspect of our daily living. When you learn this art, there will be no obstacle you cannot overcome.

What is Jung SuWon?

• It is the way of uniting Body, Mind and Spirit as One.
• It is a physical activity that includes spiritual principles and practices.
• It is a Martial Art that builds inner power as well as physical strength.
• It develops your whole being.
• It is essentially the art of living life itself.
• It is the true way of the martial arts warrior.

Why Jung SuWon?

• Here, you can gain peace of mind
• You can feel safe and secure.
• You can build a strong foundation.
• You can learn to communicate better.
• You can spend more time with your family.
• You can lose weight and gain more self esteem!